Can you start by introducing yourself on social network?

Montoir, co-founder of Sporty Need the first social network for athletes with and without disabilities on smartphones. I've always been addicted to sport in general and I practice regularly indoor football, tennis and golf. I am also very interested in new technologies, we can say that I am a little "geek". I studied commerce specialized in entrepreneurship because I always had this desire to create a business. After years of struggling to find partners indoor soccer or tennis when I was on vacation, I started searching the net that already existed. I came across a lot of internet dating sites 90s, some applications too general but nothing that really fit my needs. I wanted to find partners quickly and easily, without having to create an account without having to go to a website without having to check my emails. After analyzing the sports market, sports and mobile social networking applications, the results were quite encouraging to get started. Need Sporty was born.