Social network with Thankswho you love to say "thank you"

You dream of "unliker" on facebook. You want to throw this dude who planted you for your move.

Instead, you want to thank this friend, it you really made service. You would like the pictures of you at this pitiful evening disappear networks. Look no further, there is a social network for you: "Thank who? "In French, as the company that has developed, in Toulouse, is tricolor. Thankswho is a portable app.

Its interface is fun, easy to use. It is available for Apple and Android. It is between Facebook, Twitter and VDM. Its operation is based on the acknowledgment, thus directly linked with real life.

Practically, you had a great night, thank you friend who was with you, "Macumba great evening! "You click a blue icon symbolizing an angel and you identify the friend in your contact list.

Conversely, you have been sick after a questionable kebab, you tell your misadventure, "lost 3kg in one night, thank you kebab corner" and click on the little red devil. In the end, thanks to a counter, you and your friends, "frenks" can measure your influence, positive or negative in your life and yours.

What changes on with social networking giant, in part, is to respect the privacy and data. Founding the promise they will not sell your data and they do not attribute to the property of your photos.

They do not analyze the contents of your private messages. It is written on the page presenting the app and Kamel confirmed verbally: he makes a point of honor and it will be a decisive factor in the choice of future financial partners of the fledgling business Toulouse.